Friday, February 16, 2018

Horny Year Of The Dog

Kung Hei Fat Choi everyone!  Happy Year Of The DOG!  I think we all know that my favourite animale is Spot from Class Comics.  So I says to FallenAngel about a week ago, that we just gotta get an image of Patrick Fillions Mandog done to ring in the lunar new year.  FallenAngel obliged and really went to town.  I suggested a pose and plush puppy.  I knew he would love designing the costume and he did such a great job.  Thank goodness Spot is keeping those fireworks held high!  All that is missing are the red pockets. Maybe they are hidden on the other side of his cock head, tucked into that super tight foreskin.  The might be deep in his ass and only a little fisting will release them!  Whatever the case may be, FallenAngel and I wish you a day full of good fortune and year full of wonders!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Give It To Me Daddy

Hey guys!  Are you as snowed in as I am?  Hasn't stopped here since Friday.  Well I have something to warm your bodies up.  Sweet hot chocolate from Sirio chan!  Oh man, Class Comics The Legacy #2 REALLY inspired me.  I went nuts over the encore pairing of Emil and his son Byon (with Felix along for the ride too.)  Damn!  How much so?  Well, let's just say that in the coming weeks there will be a few more like what we have below!  For this image, I imagined Byron convincing his dad after their vacation, that he needs a little check up.  Just to be sure everything is working right.  See if maybe his dad got any powers from all that seaweed!

 Sirio did a wicked job on this, even giving Emil a circumcision scar.  (Which lead to even more dialogue then I first anticipated.)  I love it when she draws the Durand men so much! ha ha ha!  The art really got me going, so I decided to add in the dialogue I had in mind, plus some extra.  Byrons eyes tell a thousand stories, but I only had room for a few sentences. ;)  Below you can see a bit of the creative process.  I hope you guys like it and will check out the new book drawn by Tomas Cray! I am sure to do a mini review of it in the next post!

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Ganymede the Starling

Hey guys!!!

We are starting the original art of 2018 with a piece that looks like it fell out of 1978!  The starling stud Ganymede by Lastmanouthere could swing his microphone in my face any time.....yowza...He is one fine boy.  I wonder if in the years long after I am gone, if people will debate this particular pieces actual date of creation?  It's so rare to see something that truly looks like a legitimate product of that great era for fantasy art. I have my suspicions that Lastmanouthere has some very personal connections to this character.  Okay enough of my gushing, after you take all this in, please enjoy his back story!!!

Ganymede, the Starling
By Lastmanouthere Jan 2018.

Under the watchful eye of the Citadel’s Inner Sanctum, all inhabitants enjoy a very limited and controlled life. Firm believers in that widely available technology was responsible for the wars that led to the near destruction of their world, the Inner Sanctum prohibited, among other things, personal electronic displays. In their stead, large screens were put in public places, where the masses could get some sanctioned entertainment.

One of the acts which were allowed were those of Ganymede, (real name Gary,) an Artist whose mastery of wind currents helped him perform amazing athletic feats, while clad in the sport-inspired, alluring and diminutive attire. While most of his circus-like demonstrations were carefully planned, lately the young popstar decided on doing a risky, but well received reality program.  There his tricks, jumps and fights were shot as-they-happened, live and without editing. After a couple of shows were cautiously well received by the Inner Sanctum, Ganymede decided on a make-or-break move and took his camera drone into the Burroughs, outside the citadel, for a potentially illegal but thrilling adventure.

Ganymede hoped that, while unable to live-broadcast his adventures, the thrill of the dangerous locations would boost his popularity to unheard-of levels.

The challenges he faced when out in the Burroughs, though, were hardly what he expected. Encountering Alexander, the amnesiac assassin, and security-rookie Edwards, what he witnessed sent him into a paradigm-shifting revelation about the nature of the Inner Sanctum, the true meaning of the religion the Citadel followed and the truth about the world beyond the city.

Armed with the footage his camera drone captured, Ganymede must overcome his shallowness and decide if he risks the loss of his fame and comfortable life in the Citadel, or help Alexander in his quest for the Trinity Down secret truth...

Saturday, January 20, 2018

I want to Squeeze Your Muscles Hercules

Hey Guys!

Happy New Year to one and all. The few that still come here...Yeah I haven't really been able to keep the site going as strong as I used to.  Tumblr often draws me to it far too much and well, truth be told, the Canadian dollar is just so very weak now. It is hard to really set aside the funds needed  and be able to do a lot of works with talented people.  I will try  harder though this year.  I no longer have the cost of the Switch plus one million Amiibos to worry about.   So hopefully I can do a lot more in the coming months.
Todays image was drawn last year by Sirio and coloured by Caravaggia.  It came to be, as after Urbanmusiq did Hercules, a lot of people wanted to see Aladdin paired with him.  So to those people I dedicate this works inspiration. :)  Aladdin checking out all Hercs muscles was a fun idea I thought, and I hope you do too!  Of course it all really came to be, due to the efforts of two wonderful artists and dear friends.  I just planted the seed.  (thought and money..ha.)

I was going to post this online on January 1st, but something very tragic happened.  A relative of mine was caught in a fire and received 3rd degree burns all over their arms and face.  They have temporarily lost the use of one of their hands and would have lost it completely if they had not had the foresight to place it immediately into cold water. The person is gay and their parents do not care about them much at all.  So it has been up to other members of the family to come to their aid.  The recovery is going well, but we are still not sure how well the hand will heal.  There will probably always be damage to it. I wanted to do a gofundme to help support them, but their pride would not allow it.

On top of that my mothers oldest friend wound up having a stroke on Dec 31st, though we didn't hear about it till we contacted the hospital about 5 days later. Why is that? Well despite her best efforts none of the womans sons would contact us back.  They used their mother a lot, though she was blind to it.  She was poor, but they knew how to get free meals and babysitting out of her.  In her hour of need they are no where to be found and have taken no steps to even contact her sister, who my mother had to inform about the stroke!  Can you believe it?
I know someone that works at the hospital and they have been taking extra care of her, calling us every day.  We found out that for many weeks she has had no visitors at all, outside of my mom.  I find it very sad that, during the supposed holiday season, so many family members were abandoning others.  This is Canada, where we have a family day, but it seems to mean so little to so many people that live here.  I had to get that off my chest, sorry that it is not porn related.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Barbarians Vs Mayan by Jaytee

Hi guys, sorry for my log absence.  I have been going through a lot in life.  My job especially.  Not all bad things, but enough to keep stealing all my free time.  I'm very happy to be back and posting. I have a couple surprises for you all.  The image below was drawn by the super talented Jaytee.   Jaytee has not bee around much since last I posted art by him, the result of an unfortunate event in his life.  I was overjoyed to see him back and posting again last year on his then new Tumblr.   About a week after hearing from him with a sketch, he sent me this simply breath taking masterpiece.  This is based on a story concept I had of Vann and Peng working together to steal from Ixy.  (Yeah I know Peng probably wouldn't go along with this these days...)  Steal it was refreshing to see the boys acting this naughty again.  They have, since this was originally commissioned, become a bit more heroic.

Jaytee certainly endowed each one with masterful charms.  A main of regal hair that would rival a beasts for Vann Illia, a smile to outshine the sun for Peng and delectable little toes for Ixy. (Much to the delight of his creator Lastmanouthere.)  draped in beautiful colours and granted immaculate bodies, the boys a given a new breath of life thanks to Jaytee.  As for the story...well that was written some time ago.  Ixy's pendant has some powers true, but it's the value of it that Vann is after.  He's not interested in taking anything beyond that from his new found..'friend.'  Though, losing it is sure to bring some sort of issue that will have either Vann turning back, of Ixy sending out his very best to search and return it.

Please check out Jaytees Tumblr here:

Sunday, November 19, 2017

The Final Piece of Halloween Candy

Tonight we find Dore Lockstone by FallenAngel, enjoying the last of his Halloween Candy.  But of course, that is not the candy we refer to in the title of this post.  No, it is the juicy 9 inch cock, swollen moist head and copious amounts of folded back foreskin that we hunger for instantly upon sight. Dore has made the scariest outfit he could think of, to ensure he got treats.  Had he revealed the golden cave boy below, he probably wouldn't be able to carry the treats bestowed on him.

A huge thank you to FallenAngel for coming up with this one!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween and have already put up the décor for the next holidays! ;P

Melin of Sarthia

Good morning!  Time to rise and shine to site of Melin of Sarthia by Lastmanouthere.  The young hunter has an a bottom so perfect, the forest makes way for the sun to illuminate up its perfection as he strolls through.  You can hear the angels sing and the men drool.  The perfect bottom...No wonder he carries a bow and arrow around!!! Okay...I will let Lastmanouthere tell his actual story below!  I hope you guys enjoy it.  (Someone get the butter. Them buns is ready.)

Melin is a young hunter, living in the mountainous western part of the kingdom of Dasarthia. Melin's father, himself a rather good hunter, died when Melin was just a teenager, leaving him in charge of his father's blind husband, Ela, his son and Melin's brother Tetin.

Melin's liege, Count Bresu, declared his desire for trophies of a certain black-hoofed stag. As the animal grew scarce due to over-hunting, the count became more and more irritable and demanding. In the end it was just Melin and his great skills which were able to provide the trophies. Knowing thins, Bresu kidnapped Melin's family to force him to go up the mountains again, even with winter nearing and Melin's life endangered by journeying into the Ridge mountains.

It was only with the help of the captain of Bresu's own guard, Karu, that Melin rescued his step-father and brother.  The four then ran away from the grasp of the Count.  Melin and Bresu were clear that there was something more than a collector's obsessions moving Bresu's desire for samples of the Black-hooved stags.

While it is likely that Melin will never meet Tristan, Val and the others, they are unknowingly tied together in a conspiracy nobody in the continent has yet discovered...

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

2017 Halloween Witching Hour Post!

Velcome to my secret Halloween post at the stoke of  midnight, when all the most mischievous spirits come out to play...We have a little something from Anoeros to share with all you ghouls.  All I can say about my involvement in this, is that I watch waaaay too many holiday specials every year.  I fished the idea to two artists I know that love to draw various dick types. I was overjoyed when, very close to the holiday, Aneros took up the task of doing this!  Couldn't think of a wilder way to end Halloween 2017, than having Bel bequeath with the many dicks of master Aneros.  Ho boy...He is NOT going to get any sleep tonight!
Thanks very much to all the artists that worked hard to make this a very memorable holiday.  It was only special because of them and their many contributions both to my site and their own sites and publications.  I hope you guys had a wonderful night.

Cum Covered Caramel Apples

Okay guys!!! Time for my traditional Witching Hour Halloween post!!!
This years macabre masterpiece was drawn by Caravaggia!  She helped me big time.  I sent her a sketch with a fairly badly drawn man witch on it and she turned it into tows incredible hunks.  Got some sweet Latino and twinky action for you below!!! These witches have heard of the lonely spirit of Halloween.  They know how feelings of sorrow, stored for a year within such a spirit, makes it extra special, extra sticky and extra scrumptious!  Pretending to be friendly, they lure poor Jasper to their enchanted circle.  There they bind him magically, as they drain his balls over and over.  They cover apples picked at sun set with mounds of his cum mixed with hot caramel, they injected into his ectoplasmic testicles.  Poor Jasper would have to suffer till sun up, if not for his friends.  Belvadar went looking for him, when he noticed Jasper wasn't floating around him like a moth to a porch light for most of the evening.  Seeing his friend in such a state drives the bat boy into a mad furry.  Those witches better know how to fly like the wind, cause if Belvadar gets them, they won't be doing much till they recover next Halloween.

Monday, October 30, 2017


Goooood evening and velcome to my devils night post!!! Sirio and I have a nice little treat for you (and for Belvdar.)  He was out trick, or treating in the nude.  Thinking his natural body is the best Halloween costume of all, he has been making old ladies blush and others drool all night long.  Well just as he dives into his candy bag, something instead dived at him!  Jasper was waiting, very patiently to teach Bel a lesson about making others amorous all night long. He grabs the batboys cock and sets to work stroking and sucking.  Bel tries to back off, but he is met by Vann.  (Freed from his imprisonment with the Warrior of Halloween.)  Bel starts to act cool and attempts to laugh it off.  Just as he starts asking Vann to release him, he feels his asshole stretched by not one, but two cocks at once!  Bel is in for it now.  A double dose...A Halloween Trick and Treat he will never forget!!! And I hope you won't soon forget this drooling inducing work by Sirio!!! Happy Halloween from Italy my friends!

Hey guys, Sirios dog is very sick and requires treatment.  As someone that just lost 2 dogs a couple years back, I know all too well how every pet is a part of the family.  She could really use some help with the medication.  If you would like a commission please contact her through one of the links below.


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